• 13 Jun

    Research Highlight- Can You Build a Better Cop?

    Dr. Emily Owens and colleagues recently published an article in Criminology & Public Policy that examined a police officer training based on the framework of procedural justice. Dr. Owens talks about her research on the podcast Criminal Injustice. Listen to the podcast or read the article.



    By drawing from psychology and economics, we present an experimental evaluation of a procedural justice training program designed to “slow down” police officers’ thought processes during citizen encounters. We find that officers who were randomly assigned to participate in training were as engaged in the community as similarly situated officers, but they were less likely to resolve incidents with an arrest or to be involved in incidents where force was used. These changes were most evident among officers who worked in areas with a modest level of risk.

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  • 19 Mar

    Now accepting applications for DEC/AEC awards

    Update June 2018: Nominations for the 2018 awards are closed. Award decisions will be announced soon. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates. 

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  • 04 Feb

    Applications Now Being Accepted For the Larry J. Siegel Graduate Feollowships

    The Division on Women and Crime and the Division on Victimology are now accepting applications for the Larry J. Siegel Graduate Fellowships (given by the Darald and Julie Libby Foundation), recognizing exceptional graduate students in the fields of gender and crime and victimology. Each division will award one graduate student annually a one-ˇtime fellowship in the amount of $5,000 to support a project involving original research, program or service development, implementation, and/or evaluation, or advocacy.

    Learn More (PDF). 

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  • 04 Feb

    Feminist Criminology Graduate Research Scholarship

    Division on Women and Crime is now accepting applications for the Feminist Criminology Graduate Research Scholarship, which is designed to recognize an exceptional graduate student in the field of gender and crime. The scholarship is funded by the royalties from Feminist Criminology, an innovative journal that is dedicated to research related to women, girls, and crime within the context of a feminist critique of criminology.
    Learn more (PDF).

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  • 02 Feb

    Solicitation for upcoming edited volume on Ethics, Errors, & Ethnocentrism

    This solicitation is for a chapter in an edited volume on the topic of Ethics, Errors, & Ethnocentrism. The chapters could be about;
    1. U.S.: Concerns about ethics, errors, or ethnocentrism with reference to how specific communities, cultures, behaviors, narratives, events, etc. in the United States are explored, studied, interpreted, and presented.
    2. Non-U.S.: Concerns about ethics, errors, or ethnocentrism with reference to how foreign cultures, behaviors, communities, systems, narratives, particular events, religions, etc. are presented in the United States.
    3. Methodology: Ethical concerns in conducting research (collecting data, gaining access, helicopter researchers, subject safety, etc.) in cross-cultural, multicultural, and transnational settings.

    Learn more (PDF)

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  • 26 Jan

    Submit ASC Thematic Panels

    The American Society of Criminology is currently seeking thematic panel suggestions for the 2018 Annual Meeting. Thematic panels, paper abstracts, and author meets critics panels are due Friday, March 9th, 2018. Submissions are done online.

  • 25 Jan

    Drexel University- Assistant Professor

    The Department of Criminology and Justice Studies is seeking a full-time tenure-track assistant professor beginning Fall of 2018.

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  • 23 Jan

    2017 DEC/AEC Award Winners

    The DEC/AEC recognizes outstanding contributions to the field through a number of annual awards.

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  • 22 Jan

    Call for 2018 ASC Award Nominations

    The American Society of Criminology is requesting nominations for awards to be presented at the 2018 ASC Annual Meeting. Twelve awards, covering a wide range of topics, are being offered.

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